Interview with SongQwu!


We have something special for you: The head of the ARGO Online development team, SongQwu, gave us an interview wherein we heared some very interesting answers to the most urgent of our questions. We're quite happy to present you this interview today - we hope you enjoy it. The picture below is a group shot of the ARGO team (with people from MGame, GForest and alaplaya). You can see SongQwu at the top right.

alaplaya: First of all, could you please introduce yourself to our alaplaya community? Since how long are you working in the gaming branch? What were your first experiences and projects?
SongQwu: Back in 2001, when I first stepped into the games industry, I started at MGame. It has been ten great years at MGame where I worked for projects like Ares, Holic Online (Cloud Nine) and ARGO Online. I am SongQwu, the mastermind developer of the ARGO Team.

alaplaya: What was the first suggestion you had for ARGO? Was it planned in the first steps as the final result now is?
SongQwu: One of my earliest ideas was the functional backpack the Noblian wear ingame. The result, the backpack with its dynamic features as it is now, was great – much more than I have expected.

alaplaya: Are you proud of your work and the game?
SongQwu: It’s pretty cool to be in a position to influence both the planning and conception as well as the actual development. Yes, I am very proud of the game. I’m actually quite popular, for my kids and their friends and schoolmates I’m sort of a celebrity.

alaplaya: Did the final game hit the concept with what you started once?
SongQwu: Basically, the first concept lies within today’s version of ARGO but has become much more detailed. During the development we have experienced so many possibilities and added so many details, that it began to become a big thing. And after the last steps of optimization, we think that ARGO became a quite nice game.

alaplaya: What was the most exciting situation during the production of ARGO?
SongQwu: Being at the studio site to record the voice overs for the thousands of NPCs in ARGO is one of the best memories. Also, there has been a time in the early days which makes me quite melancholic, we were at the character animation and I had to make the experience that dancing and emotional motions are hard to make. The human body is not meant to move as I wish. /sigh/

alaplaya: If you had but one wish left, what would you add to the game?
SongQwu: This is simple: Air Battle!

alaplaya: Have you already found any good opponents in the game or haven’t you met anyone in ARGO yet who can beat you?
SongQwu: There are actually many good players in ARGO, I have lost against a lot of them. There is one user, Toovie, who scares me most. He’s a Korean ARGO player. I’m brave and I never stopped challenging people in my own game, but I’m a bit afraid as well.

alaplaya: The next question refers to all ARGO players and fans who want to join the gaming industry - is there an advise you want to give them?
SongQwu: If you want to start a career in the gaming business, your heart must be full of love for gaming, this is quite important. But you will also need the toughness to do the every day job as a developer creating a game if you want to stay happy and strong in this business.

alaplaya: For all the curious among us, which features, maps, characters, etc do you plan to add to the game?
SongQwu: We’re going to introduce other types of battles and battle fields. Also there are enhanced and more intelligent PvE situations to come…

alaplaya: Thank you! Is there anything you would like to tell our US and EU community of alaplaya?
SongQwu: I don’t know if you know it, it’s the Korean motto of ARGO: You must survive!