ARGO: Screenshot Contest


The war has left some deep scars, but nature nevertheless finds ways to heal itself. And it's not just us Floresslah who enjoy seeing this flourishing landscape... Ha, I bet even the Noblians lose themselves in its beauty!


Climb the highest mountain, make a mighty leap and show us the most spectacular screenshot you can find in the world of ARGO!

- Find yourself a high vantage point and take your screenshot
- Send your screenshot to with the following information...
- Subject: ARGO Screenshot Event
- Content: Nickname, Character Name and Faction
- 2 screenshots are the max allowed per account, but only one can win.

-- Deadline: May 27th at 11:59 PM (CEST) --

1) 1x EXP +25% (30 Days)
2) 1x Movement Speed Potion +30% (30 Days)
3) 1x Grace of Life box 1

Places 4-10
receive 1x Grace of Life.

Good Luck and Happy Shooting :-)